"Active Citizens for a Better Europe"

Association for European Partnership is starting the implementation of a project under the "Europe for Citizens" Programme of the European Commission....

"Women in Political Life for a Successful Europe"

The Association for European Partnership in collaboration with the Associatia pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului Feminin ADAF, Romania, will organize a two-day International Conference "Women in Political Life for a Successful Europe"...


On the 25th of March 1957 the signing of the Treaty of Rome marked the beginning of the European project the most successful integration project in the world the project that brought together countries and peoples enemies in the Second World War, and made them overcome their differences, unite, and build a Community of democracy, solidarity and cooperation. Since the 1st of January 2007 Bulgaria is an integral part of the EU family.

Fifty years after the Treaty, the EU states are coming closer together. While remaining diverse in culture, language and traditions, the EU unity is based on common values such as peace and stability, freedom and democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and equality. This is the Europe we belong to the Europe we would like to further develop.


The Association for European Partnership is keeping to the European values and is willing to act as a promoter of partnership and cooperation in the context of the enlarged Europe.


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